Wedding Motifs and Custom Sapphire Engagement Rings

Last week, after being encouraged by co-workers here at The Natural Sapphire Company, I took the opportunity to enter my custom created solitaire wedding set design into a competition.  As I started to create the design, I was obviously imagining the finished piece with a Sapphire of some sort, but I was not exactly sure what size and color would suite this design the best.   I figured once I came closer to the end of completing this custom design, the color and size of the stone would come to me.

Custom Designed Natural Sapphire Engagment Ring and Wedding Band

I haven’t had very many opportunities to design wedding sets in the past, so this was a bit of a challenge for me.  It could have been much more difficult for me, but as I was walking down the street the other day I heard birds singing in the distance and a great idea popped into my head.  An extremely popular symbol for everlasting love and marriage is the image of two birds flying while holding a single ribbon in their beaks.  This is the image that I drew my inspiration from in order to create this elegant solitaire wedding set.


In order to create this motif in the actual piece, I decided to put a bird on either side of the sapphire and turn the ribbon into the prongs that would hold the stone.  So as you can see these elegantly designed prongs actually start at the birds mouths on either side of the sapphire and flow naturally upwards to the top of the stone.  I made sure to keep the birds fairly small and tucked in underneath the stone so as not to distract from the natural beauty and brilliance of the sapphire.  Also in doing this it leaves more to be discovered by all your friends and family who are sure to be jealous of this stunning one of a kind custom sapphire ring.

Custom Designed Natural Sapphire Engagment Ring and Wedding Band 1

Close up of the Wedding Motif on the Head

The shank on the sapphire engagement ring has a very intricate and delicate old European or Renaissance themed pattern.  The free flowing symmetrical pattern goes halfway down the band and adds a bit of chic detail that helps to accentuate the natural beauty of the sapphire.  I kept the accompanying band fairly simple in order to not distract attention from the engagement ring, but the band still retains some of the original design work from the engagement ring in order to create a matching set.

Custom Designed Natural Sapphire Engagment Ring and Wedding Band 2

Close up of the Detail Pattern Work on the Shank

This design was so well liked my coworkers throughout the office that we have decided to put this piece into production and create this custom sapphire ring.  With the help of our Senior Gemologist, we decided on the perfect natural sapphire for this exquisite custom ring.  We chose to go with an alluring 2.08ct round natural untreated orange sapphire that has a very beautiful soft feminine color tone and exceptional brilliance.

Custom Designed Natural Untraeted Orange Sapphire Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Stunning Natural Untreated Orange Sapphire Set in the Custom Wedding Set

This stunning sapphire works perfectly with the design, and is going to create an extremely unique and one of a kind ring that any woman would love wear and show off to her girlfriends.  Instead of creating the custom mounting in a two-tone fashion we have decided to create this gorgeous ring in 18k White Gold which will definitely help to accent the beauty of the design work as well as the stunning natural sapphire.

Custom Designed Natural Sapphire Engagment Ring and Wedding Band 3

This is an extremely charming wedding set that I feel any woman would love to get married with.  It was a great experience creating this solitaire wedding set and I truly hope that people enjoy it as much as we do here at the Natural Sapphire Company.  If you would like to create this custom sapphire ring feel free to contact us and we would be more than willing to help produce your dream ring.