Wedding Day Jewelry For The Bride

The wedding season is fully underway and this writer’s wedding is quickly approaching.  With all of the major decisions taken care of, we are now allowed the time to think of the finer details of our big day. While as a groom, I may choose to wear cuff links, the bride has far more to decide upon regarding her wedding day jewelry. Though there truly is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the Bride’s taste (yes, yes, I know…the Bride is always right) still there are factors a bride must consider in what jewelry she can wear with her dress, and what jewelry will go well with the colors of her wedding.  I will not pretend to understand those decisions more than the all-knowing Brides-To-Be, but what I do hope to do is interest our future Brides in some gorgeous choices for their big day. Whether you are looking for “something blue,” or something to match the flowers and bridesmaid’s dresses, The Natural Sapphire Company most certainly has the options and the answers!

Before, I reveal the prettiest of jewels, let’s get the men’s jewelry out of the way. Gentlemen, I am speaking to you when I exclaim the Fact! that a man never looks as good, or as classy, or as dapper as when he is wearing french cuffs and a pair of fine cuff links. We have a selection of cuff links featuring blue, white, and pink sapphires. Another fact for you… Real Men Wear Pink.


Okay, now for the good stuff!  Let’s say you’re thinking of wearing your hair up, and won’t be hiding your ears under a veil, then consider a pair of sapphire or ruby earrings. It will come down to your own personal style, though I think most brides will opt for a simple sapphire earring over anything overly extravagant. That said…lest I forget, the Bride is always right….whatever she wants. We have several varied pairs of blue sapphire stud earrings in our inventory, all featuring intense untreated blue sapphires surrounded by halos of sparkling diamonds. The classic blue sapphire and diamond stud earring would be perfect for the ears of any bride-to-be.


Let’s face it, the Bride will have her hands full when it comes to jewelry…for the hand. So a necklace or a bracelet are our other options. For a necklace it will obviously depend upon the cut of your dress. I imagine the bride, having spent so much time finding that dress, she will not want her jewelry to take anything away from its beauty. However, if the dress is a simple one…well then the sky could be the limit for sapphire extravagance.  Take a look at this simple option for a sapphire pendant. With a gemstone like this one to bring out the color of your eyes, and not detract from the beauty of a dress.


As for the bracelet, the classic tennis bracelet set with sapphires and diamonds could almost be enough color and bling on a wedding day, and we have so many options for you to choose from.