Vivid Yellow Sapphire

It can be imagined that when mankind was first able to see color, before there was a word to describe it; yellow was certainly the most important and valued. Whether it was the color of the sun that grew our crops, or the color of fire that cooked our meals and warmed our tired hands, the color yellow was precious from the beginning. More than to simply imagine, it can be said that the color yellow unites us all. We share yellow as a part of our human history. It represents our values, our dreams, and desires. It symbolizes our faiths and our fortitudes. Yellow is warmth and purity, love and sensitivity. Yellow is the sun’s rays and the alluring glow of yellow gold. Yellow is the natural untreated vivid yellow sapphire.

Vivid Yellow Sapphire

19.57ct Untreated Vivid Yellow Sapphire

An untreated vivid yellow sapphire is a rare and precious gemstone. Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we often talk about rarity because, well, that’s what the root of our business is all about. The title of rarity is stretched over the gem world, as rarity is relative. Yellow sapphires are not the rarest in the world of sapphires, however to have an unheated sapphire obviously increases that degree of rarity. As most sapphires have inclusions that affect how the color of the sapphire is seen, untreated yellow sapphires often have a soft and pale appearance because of the unbroken rutile silk within the stone. The one that is few and far between is the unheated yellow sapphire with stunning clarity and a vivid, strongly saturated yellow hue. Some of us will be patient and wait for the perfect sapphire, others will accept the minor heat treatment in order to have their vivid yellow sapphire, and still others may opt for the beryllium treated stone (eww!), regardless of how unnatural it may be. Vivid yellow as the Sun, the untreated yellow sapphire beckons for your attention.

Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring

47.06ct Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring

While the blue sapphire is the most common color for sapphire engagement rings, the popularity of yellow sapphire engagement rings has been on the rise. However, yellow sapphires are not only for the bride to be.  For every day wear, the yellow sapphire makes for a beautiful, durable, and if you wish, understated piece of gemstone jewelry.  Yellow gold will make your yellow sapphire glow. White gold and platinum will give the sapphire a cool and clean look. Add diamonds for some added sparkle, or have the simple beauty of a vivid yellow sapphire displayed as a solitaire. Just as with other fancy colored sapphires, yellow sapphires are available in many cuts and shapes as well as variations of tone and saturation. Come see our collection of loose yellow sapphires and finished yellow sapphire jewelry in person; we’ll help you find the perfect stone.

Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

1.77ctw Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold