Valentine’s Day Gifts

Natural Heart Shaped Ruby

Gentleman, certainly your Valentine will appreciate roses and chocolates, but what they really want is jewelry, and whether or not it’s a sapphire engagement ring she’s after or a pair of ruby earrings, we have the most incredible inventory of options for you.   As Valentine’s Day 2014 quickly approaches, here at The Natural Sapphire Company we are spending our days polishing ruby jewelry in anticipation for your gift giving needs. Make this Valentine’s Day special with a piece of ruby jewelry, and show the one you love just how much you love them!

Ruby Ring

Red has always been the color associated with love, romance and passion, as well of course for St. Valentine’s Day. In every month of January we are all inundated with red for the coming holiday. Red roses, red boxes of chocolates, and red greeting cards, they are a constant reminder of the big day yet to come. It can be overwhelming how much red we see. Once Valentine’s Day passes however, all those things are gone from our eyes and the only red thing to remain, decidedly beautiful and appreciated, will be the ruby. The ruby is the definitive symbol of love, with an eternal fire within it and a brilliance that can only be matched by the eyes of the one who holds your heart.

Ruby Bracelet Image

Did I mention our large selection? From custom designed ruby jewelry to fine estate jewelry, The Natural Sapphire Company is your source for ruby and sapphire jewelry to suit all tastes and budgets. Peruse our site, and you are sure to find something as unique and beautiful as your Valentine. If not, we also carry a large selection of loose rubies, and matched ruby pairs in case the gift this year is a custom ruby engagement ring or a pair of custom Burmese ruby earrings.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Natural Sapphire Company.

Heart Shaped Ruby Pairs