Natural Sapphires are not just ‘Natural Sapphires’

The United States FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is the most progressive governmental organization that regulates how goods and services are legally sold in the United States.

Most other countries have followed in our countries footsteps in creating similar governmental oversight to maintain a healthy marketplace for citizens.

In the United States it is illegal to misrepresent a product.  Deceptive advertising and labeling is monitored so consumers aren’t swindled out of their hard earned dollars.

The Natural Sapphire Company has had a long history of forthcoming disclosure about our rare and precious sapphires and rubies which are mainly used for engagement rings.

We have our own laboratory equipment on premesis and test every single one of our sapphires to identify any treatments that they may have undergone before we purchased them from our mining partners in Sri Lanka.

Most other jewelry retailers also sell ‘Natural Sapphires’  yet we believe that calling a sapphire ‘Natural’ should only be for sapphires and rubies that have never been altered or treated in anyway.  Heat treated sapphires and rubies that drastically effect the color of the stone can still be called ‘Natural’ because the gemstone came out of the ground, even though it was radically altered with treatments.

We have lobbied for a long time that the FTC increase their moral responsibilities to call ‘Natural’ sapphires and rubies only natural when they haven’t undergone any alterations other than cutting and polishing.

We’re pleased to see that the FTC continues to review their oversight of the natural sapphire and ruby industry in this recent article in National Jeweler.