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Natural Pink Sapphire Ring

We are living in an incredible time for jewelry. It is doubtful that our own era will have a defining characteristic of design such as that of the early 1900’s Art Nouveau, followed by the Art Deco movement, but what our era does have is a mish mosh of design possibilities and those fashion forward individuals who “oddly” do not want what everyone else has. While twenty or even ten years ago, most still followed what was almost protocol for engagement rings. This was when diamonds were still thought to be a girl’s best friend, but now with the help of science, we’ve learned that just isn’t true. Turns out sapphires were the correct answer…sapphires.

Now, while the classic engagement ring designs still hold true like the solitaire engagement ring or the three stone engagement rings, women in this era of jewelry want a bit more color in their engagement rings and no gemstone offers more options for color than sapphire. More color options mean sapphires are also your wardrobe’s best friend ladies. No matter if your closet is filled with preppy pastel dresses or earthy colored pantsuits; we have the perfect sapphire to complement your style. Choose from our Unique Sapphires and Curiosities, or something from our collection of Montana Sapphires. We can find you the sapphire of your dreams and then design a custom sapphire engagement ring for you.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Combine a matched pair of sapphire side stones with your center sapphire, for a fashion forward and truly unique engagement ring. Take a look at our finished sapphire engagement rings for your own design inspirations, or choose one that’s perfect just the way it is. Just take a look at our vast color selection! With names like Lavender, Sage, and Saffron to name a few, even the names of our sapphires are unique! To put it plainly, if you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, we are the people to talk to.

The Natural Sapphire Company – your headquarters for unique engagement rings.

Unique Sapphire Ring Image

Have you considered a brown or cognac sapphire?