Truth in advertising meets the personal touch ….

There is a saying “what you see is what you get.” This is an honest statement from The Natural Sapphire Company!  When you come to shop at our company’s website, you will see us advertising on fabulous images of bands, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that we have designed, alongside the loose stones that you might desire us to use in new pieces.

      Blue Sapphire Wedding Band round blue sapphire

Sapphire Band and Blue Sapphire

Those colorful images you see on our website are as real as photographs. If you examine those images carefully, you will notice that those images were created using computer generated imagery. It is abbreviated as CGI and also called rendering. As you can see from those images, our company offers numerous gem stones such as Blue Sapphires, Light Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Light Pink Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires and Light Yellow Sapphires for your choice of bands, pendants, earrings and others.

 blue sapphire braceket heart shaped blue sapphire

Blue Sapphire Bracelet and Blue Sapphire

Apart from what we have to offer from our inventory, you can also customize bands with appropriate stone (for instance). Combining your own unique style and desired color with our state-of-the-art technology, we will first generate new and distinctive images before we start casting the real band.

       padparadscha pendant pink sapphire earrings

Orangish Pink Sapphire Necklace and Pink Sapphire Earring

With The Natural Sapphire Company, not only you will get to see fabulous CGI images, but also you will be able to create your own distinctive style for pieces that you’ll be proud to stack on your fingers, drape around your throat and wrist, or wear at your ears!