Sapphire Engagement Rings : The Top 10 Spring Trends

It’s taken a while, but Spring is finally upon us and love is in the air. With it comes feelings of romance and thoughts of proposals. And each new season is special, offering new insights into how we live and love. We’ve compiled the top sapphire engagement ring trends this spring to make selecting your perfect ring easier.


Our team have noticed a few recurring themes from our engagement ring clients. Bear in mind, an average engagement lasts 14 months. This year we are spotting some fascinating movers in the market.

Rose Gold


Our Selection Of Rose Gold Rings


The vintage appeal of rose gold is back in fashion, taking the jewelry world by storm. The metal is particularly used with pink, yellow, champagne and white sapphires with diamonds. The pinkish hue of the gold and copper alloy compliments all skin tones. It gives the ring a warm glow and feminine touch that blends in perfectly with a Spring wedding. All our custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands can be made using either 14 or 18 karat rose gold, just choose a metal.

Halo Settings


A Selection Of Our Halo Style Rings

For a number of years now, the halo ring setting has become the most popular engagement style, and the trend is continuing into 2015. A halo setting refers to the placement of diamonds (or other gemstones) in a concentric circle or square around a center stone. The halo setting makes the center stone appear larger – an excellent opportunity to boost the appearance of a smallish stone or sapphire – and it increases the overall sparkle of the ring. The style is particularly perfect with colorful sapphires because the diamond halo highlights and frames the special color the bride has chosen.



Antique And Vintage Blue Sapphire Rings

More brides are choosing antique and vintage style rings than ever before. The level of detail and fine craftsmanship is inherent in these rings and they bring a certain charm. The styles are more intricate as well as unique. Old rings also are also more likely to include colored stones, since they were the fashion long before diamonds took to the stage.Whatever Period of Jewelry is your favorite, you will find wonderful examples of vintage crafted rings in our collection of Antique and Estate Pieces.



Left : An Example Of Pave | Right : An Example Of Pave & Channel Setting

We mentioned earlier how demand for a more intricate ring setting has grown with the rise of the Halo setting, but in terms of ring adornment the same can be seen. The simple solitaire style is losing ground to pave or channel set bands. Pave settings are made up of lots of small diamonds, set closely together around the band of the ring. The gems are separated and held in place by little beads of the setting metal. A channel setting is a method whereby small stones are suspended between two strips of metal, usually round the outside of a ring. Their appeal is that they add sparkle and glitter all the way around the ring.

 In Bloom


White Gold & Yellow Gold Floral Engagement Ring Settings

 Bring on the romance with a floral-inspired ring. The trend this year is towards settings and stone shapes that incorporate a floral design or pattern. These floral inspired engagement rings are some of our favorites as they evoke nature and all things spring. We have tons of floral elements in our settings on our antiques setting page. They go particularly well with colored sapphires since flowers come in all shades of the rainbow.

Mixed Metal Rings


Unsure which metal you like best? Why not combine your favorites? Depending on your chosen center stone a combination of metals can create a unique and complementary look with real character. Our Design Your Own Jewelry facility means you can bring all your ring dreams to fruition.

Matching Wedding Bands


A Matching Wedding Set

 This trend seems to be growing exponentially. Again and again brides are requesting matching wedding bands that will sit flush with their existing engagement rings. They do look fabulous together. We even have a section dedicated to wedding sets. But you are not limited to just these designs – Having in house jewelry designers means we can create exacting matches for every style of ring and they will fit perfectly.

Make it Personal


Engraving a message or date inside a ring can make it extra special. More couples are using this romantic gesture to make their ring more unique. And we do this for free! Just make sure you double check the spelling before you order!

 Non Traditional


Unique Sapphire Stone Shapes

If you’re looking to go the nontraditional route, then you’re not alone. Individuality is the order of the day with fewer people opting for oval or round stones, but instead choosing or designing their own unique style. Lady GaGa’s incredible heart-shaped diamond that adorns her engagement ring weighs in at over 8.00-cts and is estimated to be worth a whopping $500,000. It need not cost this much, especially if you choose a sapphire.

 Colorful Times

4.37ct Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Between Intense Yellow Diamonds

More Color Adds More Fun To Your Engagement Ring

A colored engagement ring is a beautiful choice. After Kate Middleton got her blue sapphire ring it seems everyone in Hollywood followed suite. Now everyone wants something more colorful and fun. Fancy colored sapphires, like yellow and pink, are especially stunning. It doesn’t have to be a diamond – there are plenty of other gorgeous gemstones that will give your ring a unique touch.

When You Think Of Love – What Color Comes To Mind?

Would you wear a colored stone engagement ring? What color would you choose to represent yourself and which style of setting would you pick? Tell us in the comments section below or tell us on our Facebook page.