The subtlety of sapphires – small changes can make a big difference

Jewelry packs a strong punch, impression-wise, for something that’s rather small, proportionally speaking: even a wide-band ring is unlikely to measure more than 20 mm (at most), or 2 mm in thickness at the average.  However, this small world is a sensitive one: if you want to change a design by even half a millimeter, the design of the ring could be altered immensely.

For example, please take a look the JS258 in two variations: first as a straight white sapphire band and then as a curved white sapphire band.

gold wedding band curved sapphire wedding band

I used exactly the same pattern in creating these two designs: however, the shape of the band differs very slightly, for a very different effect.

The curved band looks more soft and shapely, doesn’t it? Something about this curvy shape strikes me as being ultrafeminine.

On the other hand, the straight band looks more streamlined to my eyes.  I think this straight band could suit a man or a woman – anybody with a contemporary aesthetic with a touch of vintage flair.

The Natural Sapphire Company is very flexible when it comes to custom jewelry settings: we want you to have what you want.

Please feel free to ask us about your own idea or design.  We will be pleased to work with you to create your very own one-of-a-kind custom-made natural sapphire ring.