The NSC and Caitlyn are fantastic. Incredible family heirlooms, unbeatable service- No Complaints

I approached buying a ring with some trepidation, being based in the UK and very particular with most things I buy. The chance of getting it wrong was so strong I was tempted to go into the overpriced jewellers on Hatton Gardens but selected the NSC based on the amazing Trustpilot reviews, which I’m happy to now add to.

A terrific website, phenomenal range of stones and a very transparent process were all big wins. The biggest was working with Caitlyn. She is infinitely knowledgeable, very patient and offers very wise advice. She walked me through a varied shortlist of stones and created countless renders as I fantasised about how to present my future family heirloom best.

Selecting a stunning Padparadscha sapphire was exciting and Caitlyn managed to convey the wonder of these rare gems so well while never for a second selling me anything. She informed, advised and answered whenever and whatever I asked.

Once the decision was made she made the entire process even smoother by arranging the most well thought-out delivery and transit process I’ve ever come across in this age of internet shopping. I didn’t even pay duty!

And the ring is utterly breathtaking. I struggle for words.

I had it valued within 24 hours of receiving it; let’s just say the valuation figure put a big smile on my face. An investment well made.

May I commend the Natural Sapphire Company on being a paragon of professionalism and flawless service. I never write reviews (ever) and tend not to wax lyrical. But as I sit here planning my proposal extravaganza I have to say this has been, pound for pound, the most rewarding transaction I’ve ever been involved in.

And thank you, Caitlyn, for making this important life decision so easy and effortlessly classy. I can’t wait until my beloved sees it!

Just brilliant.

Farid O. London.- pink sapphire

Incredible family heirlooms- Pink Sapphire Ring- The Natural Sapphire Company

Here is the link to the original post on the Trust Pilot.