The Life and Times of a Sapphire CEO

This is my first entry of our newly created Company Blog.  I’m quite excited about the ongoing development of this addition to our company and company website.

At first I didn’t think the effort to create a Company Blog would be a good investment in time and resources here.  But I have since done an about face on that thinking, and am very excited about being able to openly post about all things related to my work and the company.

First I should mention that nothing happens here at this company without the incredible efforts of our staff.  The Natural Sapphire Company is a very unique, high quality specialist in natural untreated sapphires.  It is a small industry, a small market and a small world to specialize in.  Yet it still takes tremendous efforts and innovation to keep at the forefront of this micro industry that we work in.  Without the talent and dedicated members of our staff this company wouldn’t exist or have a very bright future.  Although we have the greatest inventory of sapphires and sapphire jewelry in the industry, our greatest and most important assets are the people that work here.  Truly they are gems, natural of course!

I look forward to continued postings on the happenings and development plans that we continue to undertake here at The Natural Sapphire Company.  Incredibly exciting plans are underway which I will talk about endlessly in coming posts.  I hope all you sapphire lovers will continue to stay tuned! And to all the competitors that continue to follow our lead, try to stay close as we are moving very fast ahead…


CEO of NSC with his wife

My wife Victoria is the other 1/2 of this CEO’s success 🙂