The Hope Diamond And Our 69ct Blue Sapphire Ring

Back in 2009 reports surfaced that the Smithsonian had plans to remake the Hope Diamond into a new necklace. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of when Harry Winston himself donated the stone to the Institute. I personally didn’t like the idea of seeing so much money go into remaking what has already been a massive success. The Hope Diamond is one of the most visited attractions at the Smithsonian; I didn’t see the marketing need to improve on what is already the top attraction.

current design surrounding the Hope Diamond

Proposed design by Harry Winston

Proposed design by Harry Winston

final option of sapphires

Final option of sapphires

What I thought might be a better idea was to ask Harry Winston to use their design ideas to create a similarly massive necklace featuring a large blue gemstone – in this case, our 69ct Titan’s Eye would work very well! In fact, the spectacular masterpiece of our blue sapphire is nearly identical to the dimensions of the Hope Diamond itself.  It would certainly be as beautiful, if not more so!  After all, blue diamonds are greyish blue and certainly don’t have the color tone or saturation of a gorgeous natural Ceylon sapphire. But it seems now, more than 3 years since the initial story of a redesign for the Hope Diamond, nothing’s changed.  Although I’m glad to see the Hope Diamond remain in its iconic traditional form, I still think Harry Winston should take us up on our offer to create a masterpiece with our incredible blue sapphire. Here is a video of this breathtaking blue sapphire, as well as other gorgeous pieces from our collection: The Titan’s Eye and Other Beautiful Sapphire Rings Here are some more designs we considered in creating with this world class sapphire:

the sapphire necklace the sapphire necklace view 2 the sapphire necklace view 3 the sapphire necklace view 4

3D Models: (must have Adobe Shockwave plugin in your web browser) Closeup version (16MB) Distant version (14MB) 3D STL file for 3D CAD (Warning… 72MB)