The Great Wide World of Natural White Sapphires

White sapphire is a little different from blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, papadrascha sapphire and ruby, because whereas with all of those stones their color is their main selling point … with white sapphire, it’s absence of color is its main attraction!  White sapphires complement jewelry designs of various bents, and coordinates beautifully with many styles.  It’s tough to get bored with a stone that goes with anything, transcending fashion.

White sapphires possess a beautiful icy gleam.  Diamonds and white sapphires share some characteristics, but diamond’s higher refraction can make it almost too eye-catching in the larger sizes: white sapphires, on the other hand, give you size and sparkle without overwhelming the gaze.

Our natural white sapphires speak for themselves!  Check out these white sapphire suggestions from our design inventory:

white sapphire ring and earring in white gold

An emerald-cut white sapphire (U2815), mounted in a gorgeous contemporary ring setting (JS851)with a matching set of stud earrings (JS860 with PR617) advertises your modern flair!

white sapphire ring and pendant in white gold

A cushion-cut white sapphire (U2340) set in an antique-inspired wedding set (JS898) featuring a flower motif will suit you down to the ground, day in and day out, while matching earrings (JS220, set with PR781-U) keep your head in the clouds.

white sapphire ring and chain in white gold

A classic 3-stone sapphire ring setting (JS420) is the perfect frame for a feminine oval-cut white sapphire (U2542) , matched with a sophisticated pendant that echoes its clean lines (JS105 featuring U2560)

white sapphire ring and earring in rose gold

A 6-prong Tiffany setting with a channel-set diamond band (JS18) makes a magnificent backdrop for an icy-white brilliant-cut sapphire (U2769).  Enjoy an especially clean and lovely look with a pair of organic white sapphires (PR923) set in delicate stud earrings (JS831).

white sapphire ring and pendant in yellow gold

White sapphire (U2778) performs well with bold designs in yellow gold, too (JS258). This unique band could go nicely with a classically-inspired bezel (JS375) set with a carat of gorgeouswhite sapphire (U2774).

If you have not sampled the world of white sapphires yet, consider one from our natural white sapphires in a custom designed mounting from The Natural Sapphire Company!