The Beauty and Power of Untreated Yellow Sapphires

Natural untreated yellow sapphires are one of the world’s most prized precious gemstones and when set into rings create stunning pieces of finished jewelry. The wearer of the untreated yellow sapphire inherits worldly happiness, physical power, cleverness, long life, prosperity and good health.

yellow sapphire ring

The yellow sapphire in Vedic astrology is representative of the great positive powers of the planet Jupiter.  Jupiter is a natural benefic planet and also represents good fate, fortune, education, power of speech and knowledge.  Amongst those believing in Vedic Astrology it is known that if you are prescribed to wear a properly consecrated yellow sapphire then it will aid you steering clear of obstacles and bad fortune.

yellow sapphire rings

The untreated yellow sapphire has become an exceptionally popular gemstone, like diamonds and rubies, and especially amongst those seeking to create the look of a canary diamond without breaking the bank.  Untreated yellow sapphires can be much more affordable than diamonds and just as beautiful so if you’re looking to create a gorgeous engagement ring but can’t afford the price of a canary diamond I recommend taking a look at untreated yellow sapphires and you will see that they are extremely brilliant and alluring.

yellow sapphire ring.

Untreated yellow sapphires are also exceptionally rare, especially in the larger carat sizes, and will most certainly retain their value over time.  So if you are worried that this would not be as good of an investment as a diamond then think again because the value of the yellow sapphire will remain.

yellow sapphire ring..