T-minus 6 days to V-Day ….

Some people call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark holiday: I figure, no matter what the reasoning behind it, why would you ever pass up an opportunity to tell your beloved how you feel?

Valentine's Day Candy

Sweets for the sweet, indeed, but are you sure your Valentine might not prefer something a bit more lasting?

Valentine’s Day actually has a long and honorable history: it’s thought to derive from the Roman festival of the Lupercalia, or to hearken back to St. Valentine, supposedly martyred for love in the late Roman period.  Our first extant mention comes from no less an authority on love than one of the fathers of English literature, that renowned poet, Geoffrey Chaucer,  in his “Parlement of Fowles,” wherein he gave us the first “love birds.” Valentine’s Day as we know it today has been celebrated in one guise or another since the 14th century … so instead of breaking with tradition (or breaking your darling’s heart), why not demonstrate how you feel in the clearest way possible?  Give them your heart!  Or, at any rate, a heart ….

The Natural Sapphire Company has laid in great stock to choose from for V-Day.  From blue sapphire pendants to blue sapphire earrings to blue sapphire rings to loose blue natural sapphires to be set as you like, we’ve got it all (and that’s not even getting into our spectrum of additional options).

  heart shaped blue sapphire pendant heart shaped blue sapphire earrings

She can keep blue sapphire pendant J936 close to her heart, or have blue sapphire earrings J1974 whispering sweet nothing in her ears for when you’re not around ….

blue sapphire heart shaped ringheart shaped blue sapphire

Blue sapphire ring J1995 makes a promise for the future of nothing but the best, and as for natural blue sapphire heart B2288 … well!  Let’s just say that, from St. Valentine himself on down, this holiday’s arbitrators of love would approve.

When you celebrate Valentine’s Day, however you choose to observe it – big, small, low-key or over-the-top – know that regardless of what the critics might say, it’s a holiday with its heart (if you’ll pardon the expression) in the right place.  An opportunity to tell your loved ones how you feel, whatever the history or the contemporary commercial exploitation?  That’s a golden opportunity.  Or even, as we might put it, a sapphire one ….