State of the Art Interactive 3D Viewer

When trying to decide what natural sapphire and mounting you want to purchase, nothing is better than being able to inspect the natural sapphire and mounting that you are interested  in person.  However, that is not always a possibility for all of our customers, so for those of you who cannot make it into our showroom, we have introduced a 3D viewer.  With that 3D viewer, our customers can rotate the 3D scan of the stone in any direction and investigate the faceting and cutting on the sapphire of their choice.  Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we are promoting transparency and customer education in order to show the customer that there is nothing to hide and we are providing them with detailed information and the exact product that we say we are.

3D view of a sapphire

Interactive 3D viewer for Stones

We are also in the process of creating a 3D viewer for our custom made mountings, so that our customers will also be able to rotate the 3D image and inspect all the detailed work that goes into creating custom jewelry.  This viewer is still under development but a version is available to our customers on our website right now so feel free to take a look at this revolutionary program.   These are cutting edge programs that we are offering in order to keep customers informed and to show that we are not trying to conceal any information about our beautiful natural sapphires and custom mountings.  You will not find this program anywhere else so please enjoy our interactive all-inclusive 3D viewer, and do not hesitate contact us with any comments you may have regarding these programs.

3D view of a sapphire ring setting

Interactive 3D viewer for Custom Mountings