Star Sapphires & Star Rubies

They are not like the stars in the sky or the stars you would think to draw, the stars of sapphires and rubies have a magical beauty all their own. Though I cannot remember the first time I saw a star sapphire, I can recall a time seeing someone else see a star sapphire for the first time. Looking at the rich blue of the star sapphire, the individual was confused. “Where’s the star?” she asked. When I instructed her to shine the light on the velvety blue oval cabochon, suddenly she was in complete awe, her eyes sparkling with wonderment as though some great secret had been revealed to her. A secret had been revealed, this magical beauty of nature, this secret star to own and whenever she wished, to behold.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire

10.32ct Star Sapphire

Star sapphires and star rubies have been treasured for centuries. Just as I saw what appeared to be “true love” in the eyes of the woman first seeing a star sapphire; it can be inferred that star sapphires have wooed the eyes and hearts of all people throughout time. It is that love and adoration for the twinkling star and the deep blue hues that led to synthetic star sapphire production as well as the diffusion treatment of sapphire crystals so that they can achieve a star.  At The Natural Sapphire Company, we only sell natural, untreated star sapphires and star rubies. And though within our inventory you’ll find star stones of various sizes, shapes, and quality grades; we believe every star is beautiful, especially because it’s natural.

Natural Untreated Star Ruby

12.64ct Star Ruby

The star seen on the surface of some ruby and sapphire cabochons is called asterism. Asterism is caused by light reflecting and scattering off the tiny oriented needles of the mineral rutile within the corundum crystal. It takes a skilled lapidary to properly orient the rough crystal for cutting and to achieve a 6-ray star. Star corundum can be found with 4, 6, and 12 ray stars, though at least 6 is preferred. Factors that weigh heavily in the quality or aesthetic beauty of the star sapphire or star ruby include the number of rays of the star as well as how sharp and intense the star appears. Color intensity is obviously important, though a very dark hued stone may have difficulty showing as strong a star as one with a lighter tone. Clarity is also important, as just as you wouldn’t want a large cloud affecting the starry night sky, you won’t want anything blocking the beauty of your sapphire or ruby’s asterism.  If you’re looking for a unique gemstone though, look no further than our star sapphires and rubies, which mind you hold a place in a gemological category known as Phenomenal Gemstones, and that they most certainly are!

Blue Sapphire Ring

If you’re not in the market for a unique star sapphire engagement ring, perhaps consider one of our star stones for a star sapphire cocktail ring. Or take two, and we’ll create a custom pair of star sapphire earrings. If you are in need of new casual jewelry for the upcoming spring and summer months we have a vast selection of pastel hued star sapphires of blush pinks, blues, yellows, and even silver and lavender! Let us know how our in-house design and fabrication team can make your star sapphire dreams come true.