Stackable Rings: The More Natural Sapphires, The More Fun

Stackable sapphire rings can be a very fun and beautiful way to add a little more life to your everyday wardrobe.  Natural sapphires come in every shape, size and color allowing you the freedom to create your own style. Each time you rearrange the rings or perhaps add another color, you create a whole new feeling and style.

sapphire rings

Natural Untreated Light Blue Sapphire Rings

In order to start creating your own collection of stackable rings, you need to decide on the shapes, sizes and colors of stunning sapphire you prefer. Once you have done this you can select an elegant mounting option for each of your sapphires creating a stackable set that is uniquely yours.  For example, take a look at the image above and you can see how exquisite sapphire rings with different shaped stones can look together.

different color sapphire rings

Natural Untreated Yellow, Pink and White Sapphire Rings

In this picture you can see how the combination of different color center stones along with different color metal types can really create an interesting one of a kind look.  The gorgeous natural yellow sapphire adds a bit of cheer, while the natural pink sapphire adds a touch of femininity, and to top it off the white sapphire adds some needed stability.  Each one of these stones is set in a different metal type adding that individual feel to your stackable rings.  The combination of colors can create a very striking look that is sure to get you noticed, and possibly create some jealousy amongst your friends.

If a range of colors isn’t really your style, feel free to create a stackable set of rings using the same color stones and the same color metal.  By using the same colors you can create a very unified and charming look that’s all your own.  Even though you are using the same color sapphires and metal, you still have the option of using different stone shapes in order to create a bit of contrast.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Rings

You can create these stackable rings just as a fun accessory to mix up your everyday wardrobe, or as a means represent certain things in your life.  Say you have two sons and a daughter; you can create two rings using blue sapphires to represent your sons, and one ring with a pink sapphire to represent your daughter.  Or maybe you want to create a set of stackable rings to represent you and your siblings.  So these beautiful custom natural sapphire rings can be created for the means of representing your life and the important people or things involved, or these rings can be created in order to add some life to your usual wardrobe.  The choice is up to you and we are more than willing to help you create a look that is uniquely yours.