SPECTACULAR!! – Great Reputation Review

This morning, I waited for the FedEx delivery man as if it was Christmas. The reason for my excitement? I knew that I was going to receive my yellow sapphire ring from NSC. I must say that it was well worth the wait as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new ring! It is just breathtaking! I have worked with custom jewelers in the past so I can speak to the professionalism of NSC. I worked with Jane Mitnick, the Estate, and Antique Jewelry Director to create my ring. As I live on the west coast, I could not visit the store to select a stone. I did, however, see one that I liked very much online. Jane shipped the stone to me (with credit card authorization) for my approval. Once I selected the ring, I could not decide between two of the company’s mountings, so Jane had renderings (beautiful almost photo quality artwork displaying the stone) done for two mountings. I then selected my mounting and Jane shipped me my first “wax”. NSC actually does their waxes are on a 3D printer, which cuts down on time. Due to the size of the stone and my preference for European Shanks, we went through three iterations of the wax before we were all satisfied. This entailed shipping waxes from NY to CA each time, but Jane was adamant the final result must be perfect. It was only after the third wax that production commenced. By this time, the standard setting had been substantially customized. The final result is outstanding. The quality of workmanship is superb. This is a ring I will be proud to wear for years to come.

Joanne C yellow sapphire    Spectacular- Yellow Sapphire Ring- The Natural Sapphire Company.