Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Blue Sapphire Brooch

Known as the ‘four somethings,’ this classic rhyme describes to the bride what 4 items she must have for good luck on her wedding day. While the meanings of the somethings may not be widely understood, the tradition continues at weddings. But why not make it a little easier on yourself! In The Natural Sapphire Company’s Estateand Antique Collection, we have something old, and something blue, and though unfortunately you can’t borrow it, when you buy it, it will be new to you!!! So borrow a veil and come find yourself a sapphire gift to take care of the rest of your luck.

Not to overshadow your beautiful engagement ring or your wedding band, we’ll leave the subject of rings out of this, but your ears could certainly use some blue sapphire earrings, either studs for a conservative look, or long drop-style earrings for a bit more sparkle and liberal exuberance. If you’ll have your ears covered with a veil, consider perhaps a blue sapphire tennis bracelet or again, one with a little more sparkle and what was it I said, oh yeah, liberal exuberance…I like that.

Blue Sapphire Earring

32.25ctw Blue Sapphire Earrings

But lest we forget that prime piece of jewelry real estate, the neck and dare I say, bosom. Come on Ladies, this is your wedding day, the one day you can truly look and feel like a princess, and only a regal blue sapphire necklace is going to complete that imagery. Sure, you might have to choose between your first house and your first magnificent sapphire necklace fit for a queen, but in this economy, who knows, the necklace may end up being a better investment.  Whichever piece of blue sapphire jewelry you choose to bring you luck on your wedding day, its luck will surely continue in your life of love and happiness. May it be so!

Blue Sapphire Necklace Image