So you want to get married ….

The sun is shining … the birds are singing … your heart is overflowing with joy, because you’re in love.  Getting married is the inevitable next step!  That said, there might be a few … hindrances.  Like, for example, the recession, especially when it comes up against some of the marital traditions, concluding with the Big White Wedding, but starting out with (da-da-dum!) the ring.

The recession really serves to highlight the inherent difficulty of the tradition of the diamond engagement ring (well, one of them).  On the one hand, there’s the beauty of the gesture, and the symbolism of the ring: on the other hand, there’s the reality that when you’re starting your life together, the cost of a diamond can be a bit of a bitter pill … especially when you consider the fact, common knowledge, that diamonds are not especially rare, that their prices are artificially inflated.

So what’s a happy new couple to do?  There are many alternatives out there, but a lot of them seem … unpalatable.  Synthetics can be lovely, but their connotations – “fake” as opposed to natural, the potential for their being seen as deceptive if anyone assumes them to be “real,” etc. – can be distasteful.  The world is full of beautiful colored stones, but many of them are considerably softer than diamond, and unsuitable for daily wear on the hand (I myself love opals and moonstones … a little too much to subject them to the daily abuse they’d get from someone who makes a habit of working with her hands!) , or, alternately, are subjected to the kinds of treatment that make them into unfortunate hybrids.   So where does that leave you, the loving couple?

Natural sapphires are a perfect solution.  Sapphires are traditional symbols of fidelity, with a tradition as engagement rings that far predates the diamond’s early-20th c. roots: natural sapphires are rare and precious, a nice association with your feelings for your partner; and, in this economy, best of all, they’re affordable.

white sapphire ring in yellow gold pink sapphire ring in white gold

Affordable is in the eye of the beholder … but behold some of our engagement ring fashions, and see if they might not be right for you:  where else could you find a gorgeous white sapphire solitaire of almost a carat like J2033 … for less than $1000?  Or a rare natural orangish-pink sapphire, of the hue known as padparadscha, the marriage of the lotus and the sunset, like J1376, for but a little more?

pink sapphire ring in white gold 1 blue sapphire ring in yellow gold

And if your eye leans towards something a little more extravagant, we can most certainly accommodate you: from the perfect simplicity and breathtaking rarity of ruby ring J1568 to the old-world glamour of 6-carat natural blue sapphire J387.

The recession may have inspired a renewed interest in sapphires as an alternative to diamond, but whatever the initial reasoning, the reminder that natural sapphires are worthy of serious consideration is priceless.  Now that the economy is looking up (hallelujah!),   that’s no reason to turn away from sapphires and back to the tried, the true, the overpriced: I’d call it a reason to examine your broadened horizons, and consider going for the sapphire of your dreams ….