Sapphires: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Why do some people love green sapphires more than purple sapphires, or light blue sapphires over cornflower blue sapphires?

Some of the most beautiful sapphires that I have ever seen have been undervalued by many other people.

I like to think of sapphires as a representation of the person wearing them, a characteristic, a personality inside a crystal.

I don’t think there are many gemstone suppliers offering sapphires that are very unusual, unusual to the point that few people would care to buy them.

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These are some of my favorite sapphires, no two alike, nothing that is replaceable.

Many of them have unusual inclusions, things that by most standards would make the gemstone less desirable.

I’m glad that other true collectors, lovers of truly rare natural sapphires see these gemstones the same as I do.  Recently I received an email from just such an individual and his words express my thoughts precisely:

That’s why I like the idea of “eye clean” – so when you look carefully you can still see its part of the real world.  When I look into a beautiful blue star sapphire and see the criss-crossing of the rutile needs, so-tiny — but so clear, it’s like I’m looking at a sapphire, but also at a perfect combination of black opal.  That is why I love your stones: they have life and personality to them which is obviously picked-up from the buyer (I assume you).  That is so personal.  I wonder how many people realize that when they a buy a stone from you … they are buying a part of how you perceive the world in its beauty.  Again, that is so personal.

Natural Sapphires, untreated are natural wonders of planet earth.


Untreated, Bi Color Sapphire