Sapphires and the Economy Crisis

What caused this problem? Who is to blame?  What is the resolution?  Who is going to fix it?

These are all very big questions.

It seems that many short cuts were made by many people in order to make big profits fast.

Look at this published report from Bloomberg LP on past and current bank market valuations:

Market Cap

Banks are mostly worthless and only still in existence due to tax payer bailouts.

I speak with my accountant on a regular basis about how such wild valuations were made and how they could shrink so much, so fast?

It’s clear that these financial companies invested in very poor things.  Things that didn’t really have true value.

My accountant is very quick to point out that natural untreated sapphires are extremely rare, in fact they are extremely difficult to replace.  For this reason he assures me that we should be feel very bullish on our future and stability.

He points out that what other inventory based business have assets that are stable in value, even appreciating?

Natural untreated sapphires are so rare, we have spent 3 generations searching for and building our amazing inventory of natural untreated sapphires and sapphire jewelry.

Unfortunately for the retailers of mass merchandise that sell treated sapphires, they have been going out of business and having fire sales of 60, 70, even 80% off.  Where is the bottom for the prices on treated commercially made jewelry and gemstones?  Most of these jewelers have inventories that look much like the bank valuation picture above.

If you’re considering a sapphire for an engagement ring I highly recommend purchasing a natural untreated sapphire, one that is as rare and special as your future life partner.

A Natural Valuable Investment: Fine quality natural sapphires

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Three Stone Ring with Diamonds

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Three Stone Ring with Diamonds