Sapphire Wedding Band Style Spotlight: Sapphire Eternity Bands

The eternity band is a classic symbol of commitment and enduring love. It’s cyclical shape is a natural visualization of never ending affection. The most simple eternity band is the classic, plain metal band worn by men and women for centuries. In recent years, other more ornate styles have become very popular. To qualify as an eternity band, a ring must have a repeating design, pattern, or gemstones around the complete circumference of the ring. 

A diamond eternity band with small, pave set diamonds like JB202PT is one of the most classic designs. Also very popular is a sapphire and diamond eternity band like JB219PT. Sapphires are set between diamonds to create a pretty, alternating design. A blue sapphire and diamond eternity band is a great way to add a pop of color next to a diamond engagement ring, or a nice way to compliment a blue sapphire engagement ring. 

Eternity Diamond Wedding Ban
Eternity Blue Sapphire And Diamond Wedding Band

Half-eternity bands like JB201PT and JB217PT also are great options. Sapphires, diamonds, or other gems adorn the top of the ring and the base, which will see normal wear over the years, remains blank. Half eternity bands can be resized while full eternity bands cannot. They provide future flexibility without sacrificing style. 

If you work with your hands or are a little harder on your jewelry, a channel set sapphire eternity band like JB364PT or JB309PT can also be a great idea. Channel set sapphire wedding bands provide extra protection for the gemstones and also have a very sleek, modern look. 

Princess Cut Channel Set Blue And White Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band

Have questions about which sapphire eternity band is right for you? Ask us! We’re here to help with the big decision.