Sapphire Rings in the Media

Blue sapphire rings continue to be in very strong demand and a most wanted jewelry type that everyone yearns to get.

We have a very good spokesperson to thank!

Kate Middleton wearing natural blue sapphire engagement ring

Kate Middleton has done a marvelous job showing the world how beautiful and classy a blue sapphire ring can look (her own incredible beauty helps too!)

I especially like to point out that blue sapphire rings look good in all occasions.

Kate Middleton wears a sapphire ring well in the most formal to the most casual daily events.

As seen in these recent images below sapphire rings go well with everything from blue jeans to formal evening gowns.

Cowgirl Kate Middleton wearing natural untreated blue sapphire engagement ring

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring worn by Kate Middleton

Sapphires are classic, timeless, elegant and rare.  Kate Middleton exemplifies these qualities in who she is perfectly  – and that is precisely why she wears a blue sapphire ring.

We couldn’t agree with her style more! Her style, matching her great sense of fashion with her sapphire jewelry has made people mesmerized. Her unique choices are something rare.

Sapphires are a natural choice.

Image Courtesy of Getty Images.