Sapphire History, Meaning and Their Uses Today

Sapphires have been extremely prized gemstones since well before the time of Christ and are extremely steeped in history. Like every precious thing having a history, the precious stones have a sapphire history.  Certain cultures even believed that the Earth rested on a massive sapphire and its reflections created the blue sky.

The beautiful blue sapphires range in color from deep royal blue to summery sky blue.  Not surprising to remind you that natural sapphires also come in fancy colors including yellow, pink, orange, purple, green etc.  Due to the variety of colors sapphires occur in, they have been described as the “stone from Heaven.”

rainbow colored sapphires

Natural Untreated Sapphires

The most common as well as most popular color of sapphire is blue, which is why blue is preferred by customers over 50% of the time.  Blue sapphires are a symbol for harmony, friendship and loyalty.  Instead of expressing passion these stunning blue sapphires more closely represent comfort, mutual understanding, loyalty, and permanent faith.  Due to this symbolization, many women choose to use magnificent natural blue sapphires for their engagement ring.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Top quality natural untreated blue sapphires are extremely rare, but here at NSC we have the largest collection of gem quality natural untreated sapphires in the world for you to choose from so the decision is up to you.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire Earrings

One fantastic way to show off the alluring beauty and dazzling brilliance of natural blue sapphires is to create a pair of stud earrings.  While an intricate earring design could overshadow the natural beauty of a pair of sapphires, classic and simple stud earrings showcase their magnificence.