Sapphire Highlights: Crystals

Even if you’re a regular aficionado of natural sapphires and The Natural Sapphire Company, odds are good that some of our offerings might have escaped your attention, by dint of being on a section of the site you don’t normally peruse, new to inventory, or still in development.  We blog about many aspects of the business as it stands, but I think a highlights section is worth becoming a feature in its own right: and it seems somehow fitting to start a new feature concerning sapphires with a subject concerning where sapphires begin; crystals.

While sapphires are generally found in alluvial deposits, their crystal form is highly valued by collectors, both for reasons of rarity (and its close cousin value), and because there are numerous metaphysical schools of thought which hold that gemstones possess the power to interact with carbon-based lifeforms, like people, in their natural state.  Though it is more common to insist that gemstones be in their natural state insofar as not being heated or treated (like the stock-in-trade of The Natural Sapphire Company), while still permitting the stones to be cut, polished, and fashioned into the most aesthetically pleasing forms possible, we’re here to tell you that crystals can be really aesthetically pleasing in their natural forms … especially if there’s a little bit extra in the way of adornment to make them even more beautiful, as well as more wearable.

blue crystals 1 blue sapphire crystals blue sapphire crystals 2

Weighing 30.32 carats, natural blue sapphire crystal has been set onto a base/handle of polished lapiz lazuli and delicately studded with a deep red garnet

natural blue sapphire crystals natural blue sapphire crystals 1 natural blue sapphire crystals 2

Blue sapphire crystal, set onto a pierced lapis lazuli handle for greatest ease … and beauty.