Sapphire Heirlooms

Sapphires are used for the most important moments in life. Wedding Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, Childbirth, Love. Sapphires are used for commemorating these very important moments in people’s lives because sapphires are special. Sapphires are extremely beautiful, they are durable and will last a lifetime and beyond. Kate Middleton was recently photographed wearing Princess Diana’s ‘favorite’ sapphire earrings.These sapphires hold the love and spirit of Diana, and now cared and appreciated by the next generation.

Kate and Princess Diana wearing natural blue sapphire earrings

Kate Middleton Wearing natural blue sapphire earrings

When I first started out in the sapphire business, I didn’t quite understand the rational in spending a lot of money on sapphire jewelry as a consumer.

I was more interested in a new car or nice new clothes.  Yet now many  years later, after becoming married and having children, I fully understand why it’s worth the effort to gift such rare sapphires to the ones you love.

These precious gems will last lifetimes of wear, they are the few things that we can pass on after we’re gone. Sapphire heirlooms are perhaps the best choice for a unique piece of wearable history.

Kate Middletons Natural Blue Sapphire Earrings

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