It’s Sapphire Engagement Ring Season!

The Huffington Post recently reported a front page article about celebrity engagement rings. Elizabeth Hurley was ranked #3 in the top 10 review!

Elizabeth Hurley’s blue sapphire engagement ring is set with two trillion-cut diamonds. A bold statement and a nod to the British tradition–sapphires are the engagement ring of choice among British royalty. The platinum engagement ring that cricket player Shane Warne gave to Hurley is approximately 9 carats.

Elizabeth Hurley Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Other notables in the list are Jennifer Aniston’s large diamond engagement ring, Halle Berry went with a fine Colombian emerald ring and Jessica Simpson’s ruby engagement ring.

When’s the best time to get engaged? When you’re in love of course! But historically during big holiday and seasonal changes is when things pick up here at The Natural Sapphire Company. The month’s of December, January and February are always busy as couples take holiday vacations to beat the winter months, spending holiday/new year bonus funds… and popping the big question!

The full article and list can be seen here.

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