Sapphire Engagement Ring Guide

A ring is a special and symbolic gift appropriate for almost any occasion. Although the majority of rings sold are for engagements and weddings rings have been presented throughout history showing special meanings, such as a family crest or to show love and respect. The circular form of a ring symbolizes the eternity of life and love, making it an ideal presentation for the most special occasions.

Whether it’s presented for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or marriage, a ring is the sincerest form of affection.

The engagement and wedding ring, commemorates the most special event in life, the sacred bond of marriage. Purchasing a sapphire engagement ring is a token of devotion and the most special purchase of your life.

Partners signify their commitment to one another by exchanging rings. The Natural Sapphire Company is happy to create this precious emblem of unity on your behalf.

Engagement and wedding rings can be made to suit the personality of the couple.

Pave diamonds dazzle and have an elaborate glamorous appearance. This stunning pave style blue sapphire engagement ring is the perfect example of this desired style.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire and Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

J2827 is Stunning Natural Round Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Three stone rings with diamond side stones for example truly highlight the natural beauty of our superior sapphires. The elegant lines of this Burmese blue sapphire engagement ring are truly refined and the perfect choice.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

J96 is a Beautiful Natural Untreated Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Not to leave out grooms, Star Sapphires, are an ideal and masculine choice for men’s wedding rings and bands.

The steel blue appearance of our star sapphire ring would be the ideal choice for the modern groom with an eye for the unique and extraordinary.

Natural Untreated Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring

J1091 is a handsome natural untreated star sapphire and diamond ring

These examples are just a few examples highlighting various styles that reflect our high quality stones and craftsmanship that are essential in creating a timeless piece of wedding jewelry.