Sapphire Crown Jewels

When we think of England’s Crown Jewels, we think of orbs and scepters, but first and foremost, we think of the Imperial State Crown, adorned with its 3 great gems.

Imperial State Crown

Kept in the Tower of London, the Imperial State Crown is adorned by the Cullinan II and the Black Prince Ruby (which happens to be a spinel – one can never be too careful in the classification of one’s gems, even if one is actually entitled to the royal plural).

Cullinan II Diamond   blackprincesruby

Perhaps less (in)famous but no less beautiful, the Stuart Sapphire first graced crown jewels in 1214, starting with the crown of King Alexander II of Scotland, passing circuitously down the imperial ranks until 1838, when Queen Victoria had it set into the Imperial State Crown, from which it continues to glow.

Stuart Sapphire    Stuart Sapphire

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big ruby big padparadscha sapphire natural blue sapphire

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