Sapphire Colors For Every Shade of Spring : Sapphire To Match Pantone’s Spring Colors Of 2015

Daylight savings time has arrived, and with it, a refreshing flow of mild weather across New York City. Spring fever is in full swing, and we’re all ready to shed our winter wardrobe for lighter fare.

To make sure you have just the right accessories to wear to that glitzy garden party or rooftop cocktail rendezvous, color authority Pantone offers a guide to the hottest colors of the season. This time around, the focus is on understated colors, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals. Luckily for you, the versatile sapphire is a perfect fit, available in every shade of the rainbow. Here are 10 of our sapphire jewels that match Pantone’s color palette for spring:

Aquamarine Pan-Auqua-Blue


An airy and cool blue, Aquamarine is both open and expansive like the March sky, and wet and watery like the sea. It’s also a calming color, suggestive of rest and a reduction in stress. Our natural blue sapphire ring features a generous 23.60-carat stone with a similar hue that’s un-enhanced and softened due to its medium-strong color intensity. Its sugar-loaf cabochon cut, with pyramid shape, brings to mind a rising wave, while the cushion (or “pillow”) shape gives it a dream-like quality. A halo of diamonds set in a platinum basket adds to its ethereal feel.

Scuba BluePan-Suba-Blue


Scuba Blue is vibrant and energizing, much like a tropical ocean surrounding an exotic paradise. It’s most closely related to the bluish-green turquoise. Here’s our version: a bluish-green natural sapphire from Montana weighing 7.13-carats, with a color intensity and radiance as invigorating as a dip in one of Glacier National Park’s sparkling lakes. That’s due to the beauty of its mixed brilliant cut, which returns that splash of excitement back to your eyes, seen clearly here as a result of the sapphire’s superior clarity. Imagine admiring it in a cushion-shaped ring or pendant, and the wonderful feeling of escape it will bring.

Classic BluePan-Claais-Blue



Classic Blue, as its name suggests, is a strong and reliable blue. It’s also a thoughtful color that inspires confidence and harmony. The same can be said about our magnificent blue sapphire and diamond earrings. Fashioned into a floral design with sapphires weighing 8.03-carats, each set within a platinum frame of diamonds for an utterly pleasing combination. Wear them to your next springtime soiree with every assurance that all eyes will be on you.

Lucite GreenPan-Lucite-Green


Soothing and refreshing, Lucite Green is a cool hue with a minty glow that’s light in weight and tone and almost transparent. This green natural sapphire from Montana weighing 5.82-carat,s shares the same qualities with its remarkable transparency, that allows you to fully enjoy its intensely saturated, un-enhanced color. The effect is so stimulating you can almost smell the scent of new grass in the air. It’s featured as an old-mine cut, which has a higher crown and deeper pavilion than modern stones. The cut is enjoying a resurgence today, and would flatter any ring or pendant setting, especially those with foliage details.


Toasted AlmondPan-Toasted-Almond


Bringing balance to the coolness of the color range is Toasted Almond, a suntanned neutral with a comforting warmth. It’s also versatile and timeless, just like our champagne sapphire ring. With the center stone’s natural earthy hue enhanced by the traditional round brilliant cut and weighing a modest 1.05-carats; this ring would complement any outfit from the beach to the boardroom. What’s more, the sapphire’s nearly internally flawless clarity highlighted by 56 round-diamond accent stones make it sparkle like the sun, while a setting of warm rose gold ensures that summertime feel.



Just as the name implies, Custard is a delicious yellow with a cheerful tone that brings thoughts of comfort food and daffodil-filled meadows. Our yellow sapphire ring is equally as sweet and sunny, with an untreated 10.31-carat center stone from Ceylon with a soft and mellow warmth that’s surrounded by 16 round brilliant-cut diamond “rays.” The sapphire’s medium strong color intensity guarantees a bright reflection of light that can be seen unobstructed with its nearly internally flawless clarity. The lacy look of the ring’s white gold setting is especially feminine and, enhanced with the gemstones, makes the most delectable jewel.

Strawberry IcePan-Strawberry-Ice


Strawberry Ice calls to mind a cool and refreshing confection, yet with an appealing warmth that emits a flattering glow. You’ll find the “strawberry” and the “ice” in this beautiful pink sapphire bracelet, which features 12 pink sapphires weighing 46.42-carats in the prized “bubblegum” hue, heated for enhancement, outlined with 280 round diamonds totaling 3.41 carats. The sapphires are all brilliant cut and in various sizes, placed in a tasteful and charming platinum setting that allows you to enjoy their exceptional color intensity at every angle. Place this “rock candy” on your wrist, and you’ll be feeling in the pink all season.



Likened to the small, sweet fruit that bears the same name, Tangerine is a juicy orange color that’s energizing. Our natural Padparadscha ring exhibits a similar hue, with an untreated orange-pink sapphire weighing 2.28-carats that marries the colors of a sunset and a lotus blossom, the Sinhalese word for which is “Padparadscha.” The ring even looks like a flower, featuring an oval-shape center stone blossoming with 10 round brilliant-cut diamond “petals” totaling 1.10 carats, made even more leaf-like with the placement of the setting’s white gold prongs. A VVS2 clarity is another fine attribute, since significant inclusions in the sapphire’s pastel shade would be quite visible.



Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015, Marsala is a robust and earthy wine red that incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal. It’s also sophisticated and sensual, much like the colorful and often fragrant orchid flower depicted in our stunning pink sapphire earrings. Crafted from blackened white gold, the earrings feature showy petals composed of 220 round brilliant-cut heated pink sapphires weighing 11.60-carats, as well as 66 round brilliant-cut diamonds. Omega backs ensure ease-of-use, security and a proper positioning on the earlobe, so these sculptures in miniature can both invite and intoxicate at your next black-tie affair.

Glacier GrayPan-Glacial-Grey


Glacier Gray is nature’s most perfect neutral, slipping into the background to let other colors take center stage. Our 1.82-carat steel blue sapphire from Montana is equally as unobtrusive, yet when given the appropriate ring or pendant setting, will enhance nearly every ensemble this season. Its medium strong color intensity gives it a soft glow, while its VVS2 clarity shows only insignificant inclusions. Fashioned into the Asscher shape, which is similar to the emerald cut but with cropped corners that give it a somewhat octagonal shape, the sapphire is especially chic. With its timeless quality, we’re sure it will be your go-to choice for a stroll through the park or a gala evening under the stars.

Spring Forward

These are just 10 of the many sapphire jewels we have in our inventory. Browse our online selection for more options in spring’s color palette, or visit our showroom to see our spectacular pieces in person. Our master craftsmen can also design the jewelry of your dreams around a particular stone. Whichever you choose, the sapphire will enhance your springtime look, much like the splendor of the season transforms the winter landscape.