The Sapphire Bracelet Has the Magic

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We recently received a parcel of gorgeous natural sapphires in a rainbow of unique colors.  Natural, untreated sapphires are already so rare…imagine a bracelet made entirely of them!

I spent a part of my day sorting and setting up the designs for these very special stones.  Here is a picture of my artistic efforts in process:

Sapphire Bracelet

I decided to go with two separate bracelets.

The first with pastel colors – peaches, roses, baby blues, and muted yellows.  The sprinkling of soft colors reminds me of a bouquet of springs flowers, randomly intermixed and warmly appealing to the eye.

The second bracelet is set up using the more vivid stones from the parcel.  I decided to arrange these stones in a rainbow style with each color leading to the next on the color wheel.   Unlike similar sapphire bracelets you may see at a regular jewelers, this rainbow contains colors like magenta, tangerine, canary yellow, etc.  With only natural, unheated stones as my option, I needed to be very creative with my use of the colors.    As you can see in the picture, no series of the color wheel is exactly the same but they all blend into the next iteration.  I absolutely love the result!

Colorful Sapphire Bracelets

Here in the office, we are pretty split on which bracelet is the favorite.  So tell us what you think!  Reply to this post with a comment and tell us whether you think the soft, pastel bracelet or the lively, rainbow bracelet is your favorite look.

I’ll keep you up-to-date with pictures after these bracelets as they are set and finished by our jewelers.