Rubies on My Mind

Rubies are rare.

In fact, far more rare than sapphires.  Natural Untreated rubies that are a fine red color with good clarity are almost impossible to find.

For thousands of years rubies have been mined in parts of Asia, mostly Burma, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.  Yet if you ask any gemstone or jewelry veteran how many fine quality untreated rubies they have seen in the last 5 years, most will scratch their head and reply, none or 1, or 2.

Quite literally fine untreated rubies over 2cts don’t exist outside of  a handful of stones found each year from major mining regions.  Even if you go to the finest museums in the world, the gem halls have specimen’s of ruby, but almost no rubies are on display.

Fine large diamonds are available to see in museums all over the world. Fine quality colored diamonds are available and common to see in most fine jewelry stores.  Yet fine quality untreated rubies are absent, even upon request, they simply cannot be seen.

The British Royal Jewels were thought to contain a very large ruby, yet upon further gemological inspection in the 1900’s, it was found to be a red spinel.

ruby crown

(More about this ‘ruby’ here)

Red rubies that are natural in color and clarity simply are the rarest type of gemstone the earth has ever created.

The Natural Sapphire Company has always dreamed of being a supplier of these ultra rare stones, but simply put, there was never any supply available, regardless of cost.

Now in early 2008 something extraordinary occurred.  The world was surprised with the most important and fantastic natural ruby deposits unearthed in the last 5000 years.

Tanzania has long been a producer of a wide range of gemstones, from diamonds to garnets and all in-between.  The famous Tanzanite mines have been producing all of the worlds Tanzanite since the 1960’s.

Now with very good confidence, Tanzania is producing rubies!  Fine fantastic, electric color red rubies!

We have 2 scouts on the ground and in the bush in Tanzania right now.  We are actively trying to buy every fine quality stone that we can get our hands on.  The secret is out though.  There are roughly 3000 miners working the area, and about 100 buyers from Sri Lanka and Thailand that we have to compete with.  It is a very exciting and dangerous time. The best news is that the production of rubies between ½ ct and 2cts is steady.  If the production continues and expands the prices will stabilize and for the first time in history, rubies that are fine quality and untreated will be available to the world market.

Price will be the biggest factor in how big the market will grow.  Right now the prices are very high.  These rubies are far more expensive than comparable fine quality blue and pink sapphires.  But at least for the first time there are rubies that can actually be bought and sold.

The Natural Ruby Company is well under development here and we are working to bring our Twin Sister company into the world.  For now all our rubies are going to be cut as quickly as possible, and photographed and put online.  We hope to have 200 new stones online in the next 2-3 months.

For more affordable rubies that have a slight tone of pink and orange, we will also be offering some rubies from Madagascar, Kenya and Vietnam.  These are beautiful as well, but not blood red color, as the now famous Tanzanian rubies! Here is GIA’s first press release on these new amazing rubies!