Royal Tour 2014

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Cushion_BlueThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George in tow are on their Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand. The press and social media erupted with pictures of the royal family, as they did when Princess Diana traveled with William and Harry. With Catherine’s incredible sense of fashion that she displays with the world as her runway; it is hard not to see the similarities between Catherine and Princess Di. Of course, what really peaks your attention are the blue sapphires, not only of the famous sapphire engagement ring, but in her ears as well. The vivid blue sapphires shine from every picture you see, that glorious royal blue hue complementing every outfit she wears; they are the most stunningly important pieces of her ensemble. Just as Princess Di became a part of the blue sapphire story, it seems the Duchess of Cambridge will be known for her sapphires as well.

Her dainty sapphire drop earrings had once been Princess Diana’s sapphire stud earrings. What a great way for the Duchess to make the earrings her own!

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we applaud the Duchesses’ style and appreciation of blue sapphires. Take a look at some of our earrings, which I am sure Catherine would approve of even if they aren’t from the Queen’s vault.

   Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Earring_Oval_Blue Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Earring_Oval_Dark_Blue

Or if what you want is exactly like what the Duchess is wearing, speak to our sales team about doing a custom design. We have the stones and the skills to get started; all you have to do is say the word.