Right Hand Rings

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Radiant_BlueYou don’t have to be getting married to adorn yourself with a sapphire ring, and right hand sapphire rings can be as unique, simple, or extravagant as you like. While the famous/infamous cocktail ring can be considered a Right Hand Ring, not all right hand rings need catch everyone’s eye with their size; perhaps a sapphire pinky ring would be more your style.  Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we believe everyone deserves a sapphire, and whether you are shopping for a gift or something for yourself, we have an incredible array of options for you to choose from, as well as endless custom design possibilities. Dainty right hand sapphire rings also make great gifts for the birthdays and accomplishments of children, and young women alike.

Our selection of right hand sapphire rings includes a range of design styles and a range of price points. You’ll find sapphire rings for everyday wear and large sapphire and ruby rings to really make a statement. Keep an eye on our inventory of vintage and estate jewelry for timeless right hand ring classics; some of the most beautiful sapphire and ruby jewelry is professionally photographed, videoed,  and is just a few clicks away….or just one.                                         

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Various_Red   Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Emerald Cut_Blue


If you’ve reserved the spot on your right hand for a slightly bigger investment, perhaps you will consider one of our sapphire cocktail rings. While meant to be worn on the dominate hand, that being the one holding your cocktail; obviously the sapphire cocktail ring is not solely a right hand ring. Star sapphires and star rubies have been used to great benefit in cocktail rings since the 1920’s, as well as gypsy-set in pinky rings for hundreds of years.  Sapphire Cocktail rings can go one of two ways. First, you could choose the large honkin’ sapphire or star sapphire, or even a uniquely colored cabochon. Instead, you could use smaller stones in a larger design. Our custom design team is ready to create an incredible sapphire cocktail ring that will either take you back in time, or simply accentuate the cocktails of the 21st century.

Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Oval_Blue  Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Cushion_Yellow  Natural_Sapphire_Jewelry_Ring_Cushion_Red