Rendering into reality ….

Most computer-generated (CG) images come from visual references like photographs. From the photo references, the program is set to make certain adjustments such as color and reflection, in order to get a natural-looking picture. For instance; in JS717 Platinum Sapphire Diamonds, the ring and diamonds began as meshed models. By applying precise numbers from the material palettes, the ring and the sapphires became a virtual image of platinum, white diamonds, and pink sapphires.

meshed model - rendering images of 3d model

Model- JS717

pink sapphire wedding band

Every CG image will have certain patterns of colors that will intensify their resemblance to the real thing. For example, the black spots on the image above?  These mimic the bounced reflection from the “created” lights. In the case of some images, it can be a bit difficult to control the reflections from certain angles, as with JS810.

sapphire pendant

As you can see, the reflections in JS810 are a bit brighter than those on some of our other JS items, such as JS103 or JS838, which both have an excellent balance of light reflection.

sapphire pendant setting sapphire earring setting

But of course, that’s my concern as a CAD designer and not your concern as a customer: in reality, the only thing influencing the jewelry’s reflection will be your proximity to a mirror as you admire your new custom setting.  Our pieces are made to order by our great casting house with precise results, giving you exactly what you see in the images on our website.  But rest assured, the reality of the actual rings and sapphires is much more beautiful than the virtual CG images which you will see as you look through the collections on our website. We can assure you that the selection of rings and stones that we offer will not leave you disappointed. Moreover, unlike any virtual image, the custom jewelry that you choose?  That will last for a lifetime ….

sapphire ring setting

Custom Wedding Set