7 Reasons To Buy Sapphire Jewelry Online

It seems that all too often these days, buying fine jewelry is associated with a heavy price tag and a lengthy in-store process. This keeps people from buying nice jewelry, as they either don’t want to spend the money, or they don’t have the time to browse through a store. However, there is an alternative solution that many people still overlook – buying sapphire jewelry online. If you are unsure if this is the way to go, here are 7 reasons why purchasing sapphire jewelry online is a good idea.

Lower Costs


We Can Provide You With The Best Sapphires At Lower Prices Because We Are A Mine To Market Company

Our company is not like other jewelry stores. We are a mine to market organization, meaning we don’t have the overhead costs of a typical storefront or middleman. Since we save, we pass the discounts onto you at lower prices. In addition, the cutting of our stones is completed by one of our on-staff stone cutters, so we can offer the same high quality stones, but at a lower price. While other retailers need to go through vendors and have to pay for storefronts, we avoid all of that by selling the products directly to you online.

Larger Selection


We Have A Huge Selection Of Sapphire Jewelry Online

Typical stores with limited space can only show you the pieces that they have room for, the number of options that you have is also limited. This is not one of our concerns, as all of our products can be seen accurately online. Each and every one of our pieces has an accompanying photo and a video that is taken of the actual stone or jewelry item you are considering. Rather than wait while a salesman takes time to remove each piece from its display case, show it to you, then replace it, you can view all of our merchandise online quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks of your mouse.

No Commissions


Our Sales Team Doesn’t Work On Commission They Are Dedicated In Helping You

When you go to a jewelry store, the salespeople there usually works on commission. It is their goal to get you to purchase the most expensive piece possible, so that they get a larger commission. Since we are an e-commerce company, our sales staff only focuses on helping you make the best decision. We never pressure you into buying anything, and are always available if you have any questions.

Personal Designs


You Can Design Your Own Ring With Us Online

If you want a piece of jewelry that has a personal touch, you can design your own creation when you purchase your jewelry online. Unlike storefronts that only have a few designs, and are not interested in doing custom pieces, our dedicated design team will create a unique style just for you. Our team will help you to pick out a ring mounting, a stone style, and can even produce a 3D model of your piece in no time. Don’t settle for what a storefront has in stock and get a custom piece by doing your shopping online.

Giving Back


Our Charitable Foundation Has Given Back To The Communities That Support Our Trade

Here at the Natural Sapphire Company, we’re interested in more than just making a profit. We’re dedicated to giving back to the communities that provide for our trade. When you make a purchase with us, 3% of your total cost will go towards orphanages, shelters, environmental projects, education centers, and many other causes in Sri Lanka. Once you make your purchase, the amount is automatically donated to one of these charitable organizations, making it easier than ever before to give back.

Try It On


You Can Try On Our Rings At Our Showroom With An Appointment

Now, you may be thinking that all of the reasons above sound great, but you’d still like to be able to try a piece on to see how it looks and feels. Not to worry, you can do this when you purchase online as well. We have a generous return policy that allows you to try out a ready made piece of jewelry and make sure that you are satisfied. If you’re trying to decide between different sapphires, we can ship the stones to you for inspection before you purchase. If you happen to live in NYC, call us and schedule an appointment to see an item at our showroom. Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable with your purchase, so you can decide for yourself if you are happy with a piece before keeping it.

Safe And Secure 


We’ve Been In Business For Over 75 Years

Lastly,we have been in business for over 70 years, and throughout that time we have earned the trust of all our customers. We have plenty of testimonials from happy customers and you can be sure we’re dedicated to bringing you the finest jewelry. Our team has all of the proper certifications including GIA trained gemologists on staff. We are always happy to send your stone to GIA in order to get an in-depth report at your request. When you purchase from us, know that you are working with a company that you can trust, plus we ship worldwide absolutely free of charge! 

Why Wouldn’t You Shop Online?


See Our Large Selection And Inventory


As you can see, there are an abundance of reasons that you should purchase sapphire jewelry online, rather than make a trip to a store. But you don’t have to take our word for it – try it out for yourself. Browse through our collection and you’ll notice a wide range of options at very reasonable prices. You can talk to our support team if you have any questions, and if you find a piece that you like, go ahead and make a purchase.