Princess Charlotte Baby Rattle Set To Sparkle In Spectacular Sapphires, Rubies And Diamonds

The latest news is in about the beautiful Royal Baby Rattle we’re creating to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte, born May 2 to Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The luxury rattle, worth $45,000, is being made from 18K white gold and will be covered with sapphires, rubies and diamonds strategically placed to produce the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom.


The Natural Sapphire Co.’s Custom Baby Rattle For Princess Charlotte

In this latest installment of our blog documenting the production of the rattle, we offer you a peek at the special stones we’ll be using in the piece, as well as the three-dimensional resin prints of the design.

Spectacular Stones

All told, the Royal Baby Rattle will contain 622 round-shaped gemstones, including 320 blue sapphires, 201 rubies and 89 diamonds. In addition, there are eight pear-shaped blue sapphires and four pear-shaped rubies.

Many of the blue sapphires we’re using in the rattle have been sourced from our partners in Sri Lanka, a significant source for the stone. The rare color and particular stone sizes required for the rattle have made acquiring them quite a challenge for our buyers. There simply hasn’t been enough of the desired sapphires available.


328 Blue Sapphires Will Adorn Our Baby Rattle For Princess Charlotte

The rubies and diamonds, meanwhile, were sourced close to our New York City workshop, in the famous Diamond District on 47th Street.


Rubies And Diamonds Will Help Form The Union Jack On Our Baby Rattle For Princess Charlotte

Intricate Wax Molds

Equally as exciting has been the 3D resin printing of the wax molds to be used to create the rattle. Despite this cutting-edge technology, however, the process was not without its challenges. Because of all the intricate pavé setting required to decorate the rattle with gems, as well as the detail involved in creating the raised teddy bears and bows, four separate wax molds of the rattle had to be printed.


Four Wax Molds Are Needed To Create Our Intricate Baby Rattle For Princess Charlotte


The Wax Mold Of The Baby Rattle Dome Drying In The Oven.

The Next Step

The final perfect wax molds will now be taken to our casting house where molten 18K white gold will be poured in to create the actual Royal Baby Rattle. Be sure to check back with The Natural Sapphire Co. blog for the exclusive reveal of the next step. It’s sure to be exciting!