Perfect Sapphire Rings for the Spring and Summer Seasons

Recently I worked on JS368, which is a simple yet elegant pave style ring mounting.  The delicate curves along the top and bottom of the pave diamonds on the shank help to give this stunning mounting a more modern feel to it.  This charming mounting is perfect for the faceted round sapphire of your choice, but is more than capable of accommodating cabochons as well as star sapphires, so the choice is up to you.  No matter what choice you make the finished sapphire ring will be something you cherish for years to come.

Ring SettingJS368: Custom Pave Style Mounting

Natural blue sapphires have a very refreshing coolness that often reminds you of the ocean and the cool breezes coming off the water.  These soft alluring feelings are especially true when a blue sapphire is paired with this mounting in white gold.  The exquisite finished piece would be perfect for any occasion whether it be a casual dinner party or a formal affair.   A lighter toned blue will not appear too heavy or overpowering, which is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer.

Custom Blue Sapphire RingB2506 in JS368

Natural pink sapphires come in a variety of hues and tones ranging from pastels to vivid pinks. Pink sapphires hue usually contains a slight a hint purple or violet which really gives these stones a springtime feel.  This custom mounting is perfect for a dazzling round pink sapphire because the pave diamonds truly help to accentuate the true beauty and brilliance of the sapphire. Natural pink sapphires give off a very calming and peaceful feeling that is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Custom Pink Sapphire RingP2137 in JS368

Orange is one of the numerous fancy colors that sapphires naturally occur in when being formed deep below the earth’s surface. Most of these natural orange sapphires also have some secondary color tones usually consisting of yellows and reds.  Due to these secondary color tones being found in the stones, these sapphires have also become known in the trade as both “sunset sapphire” and “golden sapphire.”  These secondary colors really add another hint of beauty to the stone and make them perfect for a spring or summertime piece of jewelry.  Using JS368 in rose gold with an exquisite orange sapphire will create a delightful ring that will softly blend with the skin and be a perfect accessory for the upcoming seasons.  The rose gold and orange sapphire will mesh together beautifully, creating an extremely appealing ring with a very a warm and comforting feeling.

Custom Unique Sapphire Ring

U2723 in JS368

The possibilities and combinations are endless with this magnificent custom mounting.  Placing a beautiful light blue star sapphire in this custom mounting using yellow gold can create a very unique and sensational finished piece. The bright rays of the star sapphire combined with the warm yellow of the gold can be extremely striking.  This would be a guaranteed head-turner sure to make everyone jealous, and would be perfect for wearing outside on those sunny spring and summer days.  Natural sunlight is the best way to view the phenomenal rays of the star sapphire, so this custom ring would be perfect for spring and summer.

Blue Star Sapphire Ring

S128 in JS368