Finding the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring..!!


I’m so sorry, you must think I am a right pain asking so many questions …”.

Not in the least.

What quickly dawned on me after starting as a sales representative at The Natural Sapphire Company, was that my primary role is to help people find the item of jewellery that will make them completely happy – And that usually means a sapphire engagement ring. Basically I am an advice worker, trying to guide people towards finding the right ring for them. The last thing anybody here wants is for a client to purchase a sapphire ring and find they are not happy with it. That would spoil the whole show!

So when I hear a client say the above, I promptly reply “Not at all! This is a hugely important decision. You must be completely happy with the ring you choose. Ask as many questions as you need and never feel under any pressure to make a decision”.

Although in saying all this, some clients don’t ask many, or even any questions. The 3D preview images we provide of their sapphire engagement ring design are often enough to tell someone that this is the ring for them (.. or for their hopefully for their soon to be ‘better half’). Our dedicated 3D design team are producing fabulous images (see example below of renderings) which provide a virtual showroom experience for our clients, where they can inspect their sapphire engagement ring design.

3D Rendering - Combined Image

If that wasn’t enough we have recently introduced sensational short video files into our package; 20 seconds of HD video of your unique sapphire ring design. Amazing. Little wonder so many people go straight to the check-out. There’s an example in the link here.

What really makes this job so exciting though, is that we are invariably working with people who are preparing for a special occasions in their lives, and want to celebrate this occasion with a piece of jewelry. A retirement gift perhaps, an anniversary, there are so many important moments worthy of celebration. However the most common reason people approach the Natural Sapphire Company is because they are planning to get engaged – What could be more special?

Imagine how exciting it is to help someone design and then create their perfect sapphire engagement ring. It is so rewarding, and the relationship you develop with the client can even become a friendship. You actually share in their joy.

That’s why this is such an amazing and unique position. Of course sales matter, because if we didn’t make any there would be no business, but the pleasure in helping someone find something so important and special as the engagement ring they will possibly wear every day for the rest of their lives – Well that is something else.

Blue Sapphire Ring