Patriotic Gems

We are gearing up for Memorial Day here in the USA, a time when we are thinking of servicemen and women.

The Natural Sapphire Company is proud to support our troops, so we offer service members and family members  a 10% off discount on our sapphires and jewelry year round!

The Natural Sapphire Company is also proud to inform you that our jewelry is all custom made in the USA,  here in New York to be exact.

Our penthouse showroom is located in the heart of Manhattan.

In the patriotic spirit, inspired by our “ Grand Old Flag” sapphires come in red, white and blue as well!

This beautiful ruby ring J3305 has a rich red glow that is so rare and valuable. The tapered bullet diamond side stones frame this ruby perfectly.

Ruby Ring J3305

The brilliant white sapphire is a true favorite for its timeless beauty and simplicity.

This lovely white sapphire engagement ring J1605 is the perfect choice to show your love and devotion.

White Sapphire Ring

We have many beautiful blue sapphires blue sapphire engagement rings as well. However, as we specialize in custom made settings we can create any design you have in mind.

This stunning blue sapphire ring was one of our newest creations!

We look forward to helping you find the perfect sapphire jewelry item that you will be proud to wear.

blue sapphire ring on hand