Pantone Color of the Year 2013

The worldwide color institute Pantone (with the Pantone Colors) has announced that the color of the year for 2013 is emerald green (see that article here).

Emeralds exhibit a lush, vibrant green color often with the slightest hint of blue.  Along with rubies and sapphires, emeralds are one of what the gemological world calls “The Big Three”; gems that represent the kings of their color families.  Rubies are the red that every garnet is measured against yet can’t ever equal.  Sapphires are the blue that a blue topaz strives to be.  Emeralds are the iconic green gemstone whose names conjours a specific and luxurious hue.  Before the development of gemological testing in the mid-20th century, any green gemstone was simply deemed an emerald, regardless of intrinsic or observable mineralogical properties.  Unbeknownst to gemstone enthusiasts throughout the ages, these green “emeralds” were actually peridots, tourmalines, and green sapphires!

Now as certified gemologists here at The Natural Sapphire Company, we know a thing or two about the Big Three, particularly rubies and sapphires as you may have assumed.  We know how to create jewelry that will maximize the gemstone’s beauty while simultaneously protecting it from the hazards of every day wear.  If you’re anything like me, you wear your jewelry day in and day out, subjecting it to whatever obstacles the day may bring (and if you aren’t like me, see how a piece from the Natural Sapphire Company could easily sway your jewelry-wearing ways).  As much as I drool over emeralds and ogle the emeralds we feature in some of our jewelry (check out our antique-style brooches), emeralds lack the hardness and toughness that make sapphires such a perfect gemstone for jewelry.  It’s a brave soul who will wear an emerald bracelet and they need to be set in protective bezel settings if you dare to wear them as rings.  What’s the solution, you ask?  Why, green sapphires of course!

Green Sapphire

With an extensive collection of unique and untreated sapphires, we boast an unparalleled selection of green sapphires, some rivaling the emerald green and some with a green all their own.  What’s more, as a 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness versus the emerald’s 6, a sapphire can stand up to the daily toils that face your beloved jewelry.   But maybe as much as you love green, the trendy “emerald green” doesn’t do it for you.  No problem; peruse our pages of Montana sapphires!  These beauties blend hues of violet, purple, blue, and green to create a color palette that is simply perplexing in the most fantastic way imaginable – bluish green, greenish blue, or – just when you think you’ve figured it out – a color change from green in daylight to violetish purple in incandescent light!  Whether you’re shopping for a sapphire engagement ring with a non-traditional center stone, an eye-catching statement ring (because let’s face it, we all need at least one of those), or a green sapphire pendant to showcase this year’s color trend, we have the perfect sapphire to make your friends green with envy!

This extraordinary green sapphire ring set in 14K rose gold and studded with round diamonds:

Green Sapphire Ring
Green Sapphire Ring J3517

Want to add a little splash of Pantone’s color trend?  Our antique brooches set with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds can be a striking and classy addition to your lapel!

Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Brooch
Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Brooch J3421

One of my favorite pieces in our collection is this one-of-a-kind handmade pendant.  With carved leaves of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, this pendant has an enduring Art Deco feel with a touch of 18K yellow gold warmth:

Emerald, Ruby, and Blue Sapphire Pendant
Emerald, Ruby, and Blue Sapphire Pendant J3422