A large Kashmir sapphire ring set a world record at auction on Thursday night, fetching nearly $3.5 million, but half of the jewels on offer failed to sell in a market shaken by the financial crisis, Christie’s said. Jewels netted … Continue Reading

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Madagascar is an exotic place.  When people use the phrase ‘end of the earth’ Madagascar would be a good place to point to as an example. In 1998 I visited Madagascar.  The sapphire deposits had just been unearthed earlier in … Continue Reading

Natural untreated sapphires are not only an attractive precious gem that people wear for beauty, but also some people use sapphires for healing and astrological purposes.Since I am the in-house production manager, I work with customers in order to come up … Continue Reading

Recently I entered a custom sapphire ring design of mine into the 2008 Gemvision competition.  I decided to go with an antique style for my design, and of course a natural untreated sapphire.  In building this sapphire ring design I … Continue Reading

Natural sapphires are known as the stones of wisdom and serenity.  They are said to have the power to release mental tension, dispel depression, facilitate meditation, calm the mind, and provide mental clarity. Natural sapphires align the physical, mental, and … Continue Reading

I was born and raised in the country of Myanmar (Burma), which is also known for most of the finest quality rubies ever mined. Although natural untreated sapphires and  natural sapphire rubies come from the same mineral composition known as … Continue Reading

Sapphire Jewelry Photography is one of the most challenging aspects of all the types of photography that I have performed so far.  The problems that come with sapphire jewelry photography are immense and often difficult to solve.  The attraction is … Continue Reading

Historically, the finest Sapphire gems came from Sri Lanka and Burma, and this same is pretty much still true today. Sri Lanka, nicknamed the ‘’Gem Island, ‘’ has been an important source for natural untreated sapphires, rubies, and other gemstones … Continue Reading