Natural sapphires are known as the stones of wisdom and serenity.  They are said to have the power to release mental tension, dispel depression, facilitate meditation, calm the mind, and provide mental clarity. Natural sapphires align the physical, mental, and … Continue Reading

I was born and raised in the country of Myanmar (Burma), which is also known for most of the finest quality rubies ever mined. Although natural untreated sapphires and  natural sapphire rubies come from the same mineral composition known as … Continue Reading

Sapphire Jewelry Photography is one of the most challenging aspects of all the types of photography that I have performed so far.  The problems that come with sapphire jewelry photography are immense and often difficult to solve.  The attraction is … Continue Reading

Historically, the finest Sapphire gems came from Sri Lanka and Burma, and this same is pretty much still true today. Sri Lanka, nicknamed the ‘’Gem Island, ‘’ has been an important source for natural untreated sapphires, rubies, and other gemstones … Continue Reading

In the Western world, there is a longstanding tradition of engagement rings being presented to women in order to propose marriage. The ancient Greeks are thought to have created the tradition of the engagement ring with their version of a … Continue Reading

Sapphire, which is the birthstone of September, is one of the most popular precious gemstones found in jewelry today, and blue is the best know hue. Natural untreated sapphire occurs in virtually every spectral color such as yellow, pink and … Continue Reading

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we support only ethically mined sapphires.  We have almost no Burmese sapphires in our inventory.  The Burmese military government is one of the worst in the world.  We will continue to promote the natural … Continue Reading

Often I am asked what is the ‘largest’ and ‘most expensive’ sapphire? The largest sapphire in the world is probably still well protected underground, and maybe it is a billion karats or more, but will it be a ‘fine’ sapphire?  That is very doubtful.  What is … Continue Reading

As a company which specializes in natural untreated sapphires we often receive letters from our customers.  The answers to their questions I feel are beneficial to anyone who is interested in purchasing gemstones. Recently we received this letter: Hello:  I recently … Continue Reading

I had the pleasure of working with an extremely nice customer recently and we collaborated for a little while as she was looking for a sapphire engagement ring so we wanted to get everything perfect for her. She finally received … Continue Reading