Our Sapphire Inventory

Recently I have just taken up a new sapphire inventory evaluation project at work and I am very excited to share with you what I have been doing.

Here at the Natural Sapphire Company we pride ourselves on our great inventory and being able to share these beautiful natural untreated sapphire treasures with you our customers. For the last couple of weeks I have been evaluating our past sales and our current inventory of sapphires.

The purpose of this extensive in house research is to provide us with the knowledge of what you are looking for. With this information we will be able to scour the globe looking for the perfect and highly sought after sapphires as well as a few “odd balls” that are truly unusual and will never be seen again once they are sold.

One of the reasons why I find this project so interesting is because I feel I have really gotten to know our clientele and what they are looking for in a sapphire. Which shapes, colors, and sizes are popular are some of the many things I have learned from this study, and I feel this will help me in the future to better serve our clients. The other reason I love this project is I cant think of anything better then waking up and going to work and being able to go through trays of beautiful and unique natural untreated sapphires each

But the real fun happens after all of the data is logged and tracked and that is the GEM BUYING!!! Look for exciting updates in our sapphire inventory..

Natural Unique Sapphire


This round 1 .72 carat natural bi color sapphire is a recent acquisition from Madagascar
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