New Ruby Discovery in Tanzania

The new ruby discovery in Tanzania has the gem world buzzing. The quality of  rubies being mined from the area is unprecedented. Rubies of high transparency with good color, and good color saturation is one of the rarest gemstones on earth rarer then diamonds. The new deposit out of Tanzania is not only producing such material but it is also producing larger stones which is almost unheard of. A high quality natural untreated ruby (the red variety of corundum) surpasses all other colored stones in value except for fancy colored diamonds with good saturation.

The SSEF Swiss Gemological Institute published a news letter regarding the rubies which they had first started to receive for lab grading at the spring jewelry fair in Switzerland.

“During the recent Basel World, the spring jewellery fair in Switzerland, the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute received a number of rubies (Fig. 1) that showed some new features. The new kind of rubies of high transparency that were presented by several dealers had all a rather saturated red and showed no indications of heating. An absolutely striking stone of 10.5 ct has been presented to the SSEF laboratory to establish a gemstone report with origin indication (Fig.2). Two weeks later, during SSEF off premise testing in Bangkok we have seen more of this beautiful ruby material, including two more stones over 10 ct. Furthermore we saw also some rough pieces of deep blue and purple color from the same locality in Tanzania.”

natural untreated rubies


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