New Designs for Natural Sapphire Crystals

Our designers at The Natural Sapphire Company are always looking for new and exciting ways to display the beauty of natural sapphires.  With spring coming, we were inspired to create a new collection order money more info here to emphasize the organic and natural beauty of rough sapphire crystals.

Our new collection includes four spectacular pendant designs.  The rocky organic shape and rough surface features of sapphire crystals give the jewelry a pure and earthy look, perfect for boosting your casual outfits this spring and summer.  Not only will these pendants look beautiful alone, but they are also a great textural piece for layering with multiple pendants.

Best of all –  our rough sapphire crystals are priced lower than faceted sapphires, making them perfect as an everyday gift for someone special.   As with all of our untreated, natural sapphires, the crystal pendants are a sure hit with the entire range of jewelry lovers, from beginners to collectors.  Contact our team today to help you select the perfect sapphire crystal and design for your every need.

blue crystal sapphires

JS989W14 is a simple, unisex design that shows off the beauty of sapphire crystals.  This design is perfect for long, narrow sapphire crystals, such as CR2051 and CR2021.

crystal sapphire pendants

JS986W14 is another unisex design that uses the least amount of metal coverage to fully display the natural shape and texture of your rough sapphire crystal.  Because of its simplicity, the JS986 design works well with any shape or color of crystal.

pink crystal sapphire pendant

JS988W14 is our most elaborate design.  An intricate pattern is woven through the pendant so that, when attached to the sapphire crystal, gives the piece a two tone effect between the sapphire color (blue, pink, yellow, etc.) and the metal color (white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.)  This effect is best seen with frosted flat small crystals like CR2086 and CR2088.

red crystal sapphire pendant

JS987W14 is meant for royalty with a design that features a metal crown atop a rough sapphire crystal.  This imaginative design is perfect for long sapphire crystals with pointed ends, such as CR2029 and CR2008.