Antique Is the New Look..!!!

Antique jewelry designs have become increasingly popular amongst consumers over the past few years.  The intricate Antique style designs on the basket and detailed work on the shanks make for a perfect complement to our beautiful natural sapphires.  So it is my pleasure to introduce some of our new setting options that have recently become available.

Antique natural blue sapphire ring

What makes these mountings special is the leaf like connection point between the shank and the basket of the ring which is in a classic Edwardian style design and also echoed on the underside of the basket.

Antique jewelry has several categories such as: Victorian, pre-Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, etc.  Edwardian jewelry is one of the most delicate, feminine and decorative design categories inside of the Antique style.

Here is a little information regarding the Edwardian style of jewelry.   This design style was popular for a very short period of time during the reign or King Edward the 7th. The gemstones were often set into very thin lace like settings with symmetrical designs containing organic motifs and detailed milgrain accents.  The Edwardian style jewelry pieces were typically generously adorned with precious gems such as sapphires and diamonds.

Antique Sapphire Rings

Our designs, JS265 and JS268, include these Edwardian design aspects such as the detailed basket leaf connection point which is also echoed on the basket as well milgrain accents.  In JS265, the contrast between the center stone’s 8 claw prongs and half bezel setting on the surrounding diamonds create the Edwardian style antique look. In JS268, the rectangular center stone is bezel set then surrounded by detailed milgrain work and round brilliant diamonds to help accentuate its beauty and keep the antique style.

This antique setting is stunning not only platinum or white gold but also is extremely elegant looking in yellow gold or rose gold with any of our alluring natural untreated sapphires.

Antique style natural sapphire rings

We have many more antique style mounting options available to our customers so please look into our setting options to find one that suits your exact needs.