Natural Sapphire Company Investing in Sapphires

With the stock market continuously fluctuating people are beginning to look for more stable investments that won’t all of a sudden plummet in price.  CNBC recently wrote an articlein which they mentioned that “New studies show that the wealthy are pulling back from stocks and stashing more of their money into real estate, art and even diamonds.”  Untreated sapphires are actually rarer than diamonds and the prices on these stones are continuously on the rise with no signs of slowing down.  All of our loose sapphires and sapphire jewelry could be considered investment grade as prices are rising on all sizes, but we certainly do have a few pieces exceptional pieces that would be considered major investments, but ones that are well worth the money.

Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

J2565 is one of if not the largest gem quality natural untreated blue sapphires available weighing in at 69.35cts.  The stone has been expertly faceted in order to allow for the maximum amount of light return creating a dazzling amount of brilliance and sparkle.  It has been flawlessly set in a hand crafted platinum mounting with 16 E color VS quality round brilliant diamonds weighing 8.00cts.  This ring is selling for $1.5 Million and is easily worth the investment as there are legitimately no other stones available in this size that have such a high quality!

Natural Untreated Burmese Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

If you happened to like the J2565 but it was a bit out of your investment budget then I would suggest this alluring blue sapphire (J333) and diamond ring as an alternative.  This exquisite custom made platinum ring has a 20.67ct natural untreated oval cut Burmese blue sapphire along with 244 round brilliant cut diamonds of ranging sizes all colorless and VS quality weighing a total of 4 carats.  The setting work on this ring alone is something to marveled at as flawlessly setting 245 total stones is something that can only be done by a master of the trade.  Burmese sapphires have been selling for record prices at auction houses all over the world recently and are considered excellent investments by experts in the field.  If you have any questions regarding this ring or any of our other pieces for investment opportunities please contact us and we will be happy to help.