Natural Sapphire Company Blog: Gemologist Picks

In recent years gemstone colors have begun to gain different trade names in order to describe the color  in terms that consumers are much more familiar with.  Many of these names have been drawn from such things as flowers, plantlife, objects in nature and even alcohol.

Due to the fact that natural sapphires come in every color of the rainbow,  our unique colored sapphire section contains many of these different terms.   For example below you can see this stunning 4.04ct  natural untreated oval cut cognac sapphire flawlessly set in an 18k white gold pendant surrounded by round brilliant diamonds.  As you can see from the picture of the sapphire pendant next to the glass of cognac, the color description makes perfect sense and really helps  customers to further visualize what the stone will look like in person.

Natural Untreated Cognac Sapphires

Just like diamonds, sapphires are often likened to our world’s favorite bubbly beverage Champagne!  Natural Untreated champagne sapphires, just like the drink, have a delicate refined color that really makes for some stunning pieces of sapphire jewelry.  This gorgeous 1.21ct round natural champagne sapphire would be perfect for a custom created ring or even a chic pendant.  There will always be reason to celebrate when you’re rockin this natural beauty!

Natural Champagne Sapphires

Now clearly no one in the trade is relating natural yellow sapphires to color of beer, or the color of a natural blue sapphire to that of the new Bud Light Platinum bottle;  That is to say until now they haven’t been!  Take a look below and you will see that I am right on point when relating this dazzling 5.78ct natural untreated yellow sapphire to an ice cold glass of Bud Light Platinum.  Doesn’t it just make you want to drink this sapphire right up!  You also can’t argue the fact that this alluring 9.16ct natural untreated blue sapphire shares quite the resemblance with the new Bud Light Platinum Bottle.

Natural Untreated Yellow and Blue Sapphires

B364 and Y2658: Natural Untreated Blue and Yellow Sapphires

If you happen to be looking for a stone that combines both the deliciously tempting yellow color of bud light platinum and the strikingly bold blue color of the bottle then we have the perfect stone for you.  Behold this 7.56ct natural untreated bi-color sapphire that is truly a one of a kind natural wonder!  Use this superb sapphire to create an elegant custom piece of sapphire jewelry and you are guaranteed to be the toast of the town!

Natural Untreated Bi Color Sapphire

CG67:  Natural Untreated Bi-Color Sapphire

(These are gemologist picks)